Is Your Marriage in Crisis?

Save Your Marriage Today

If your marriage is in crisis, then you are in the right place. Crisis counseling is a service offered at Happily Ever After Counseling and Coaching at my Roseville office. It consists of an intensive two-hour and twenty minute session where we dig in and get to the heart of why your marriage is in trouble.

I have found that an intensive session is necessary where there are too many issues to address in my standard 70-minute session. In the shorter session, when a marriage is in crisis, inevitably, one or the other partner will bring up a hot-topic issue the equivalent of opening a moldy container from the refrigerator. We all know what’s there and it stinks, but you can’t just seal it up and pretend it isn’t there until next week. You need to deal with it right away so that the two of you can go home and feel a little closer to that resolution you so desire.

If you are interested in learning more about my crisis sessions, call me today for your free consultation: 916-779-9939. I’m happy to help in any way I can, because, after all, you deserve a happy marriage.

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