Angela Alsaleem

I had a difficult time managing my stress and prioritizing my time. I’m happy that I reached out to Talal because he helped me figure out what was the root cause of all my stress and then helped me to de-clutter my life so that I could focus on what was important to me. I look back on how I was before working with Talal and I’m amazed at how much more centered I am. Thank you, Talal, for everything

Samantha P.

He is an excellent therapist who really knows his stuff. Just be prepared to hear the truth. Some people aren’t ready to hear the truth, but he always said he is a mirror not an echo. I liked that. His straight forward approach helped me get through my problems without being able to lie to myself about my motivations.

Peter S.

Our marriage is much stronger, thanks to Talal. In fact, we’ve insisted that our daughter and her fiance see him for pre-marital counseling so that they can avoid the same mistakes we made in our marriage so that they can have a healthier start in their life together.

Alexis W.

My husband and I had communication issues that were detrimental to our marriage. In the beginning it started out with us discussing our main problem and from there realized that there were other issues beneath that – but that were still directly related to our core issue. Talal revealed to us many ways of seeing each other’s side, showing us (and us realizing) both our strengths and weaknesses we each brought to the marriage, and gave us tools and ‘homework’ to work on those issues. Each assignment made us really work on ourselves, sometimes not knowing if we would overcome that obstacle but it really was amazing to see how Talal guided us and gave knowledgeable insight – and not taking sides or shaming. Do we have a ways to go in continuing to work on our marriage and communication, absolutely, but we feel so much more confident in tackling it with respect and love. Thank you.

Elle C.

Wow! Enough can’t be said about Talal’s approach to counseling. He is insightful, intuitive, and genuine. I’m so glad we found him. He was easy to book a session with and his 15 minute consultation really helped us to understand what he does and how we might benefit from his services. Anyone who needs help in their marriage really needs to see Talal.

Janet Wilson

My wife and I have seen a couple different counselors in our 10 years together, but never seemed to get any real results. I can’t believe how much we have accomplished in only six sessions with Talal. He doesn’t beat around the bush and isn’t afraid to call me on my crap. There were things he noticed and pointed out about the dynamics of our relationship that I had never considered, that no one else had seen or mentioned. He’s amazing. I look forward to finishing our ten sessions toward our current goal and then working with him more on future goals.

Jonathan Larkin

Talal is amazing!! In 3 short months with his help and our hard work, it feels like we have a brand new marriage! He helped us work through our communication struggles and built up resentments. He stayed neutral and non-judgemental while still calling us out when we were wrong. He helped us see each others points of view and taught us the skills needed to work through conflict moving forward. I couldn’t be happier that we decided to go to Talal for help! My only regret is that we didn’t go sooner!!!

Alli Mariant

Mr. Alsaleem is a first-rate researcher. [He] is unique in his ability to take a multi-disciplinary approach to his understanding of current research in developmental psychology. I was very impressed by the way Talal approached each phase of his research as a new problem to be solved. I hold Mr. Alsaleem in the highest regard.

Margaret M. Bierly, Ph.D., professor of Psychology, CSU, Chico.

Mr. Alsaleem has excellent communication skills and an ability to engage his clients in meaningful dialogue. He is very respectful and non-judgmental moving towards the restoration of the client’s ability to function.

Pattie Pardini-Barrett, MFT, Clinician

Talal is a delightful person to work with. He is warm, engaging, and affable. He has a strong personal presence and projects a sense of genuineness. In our various interactions, he has always been courteous and respectful. He is well-regarded by his peers.

Marvin M. Megibow, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

Talal has a unique way of connecting with his clients and families on emotional and intellectual levels. He engages their curiosity, optimism, humor, and humanity. Watching his clinical presence and the unspoken impact with his families, often left his peers “In Awe” (they actually said this) of his abilities.