All-inclusive Marriage Retreats in California

Couple at Lake Laughing

Rekindle Your Love with Our Marriage Retreat in Northern California’s Lake House

The Lake Almanor Basin and surrounding Lassen National Volcanic Forest area spreads across a natural wonderland, a crossroad where the granite of the Sierra Nevada meets the lava of the Cascades, the perfect place to bring the spark back to your marriage.

Nestled in the beauty of Lake Almanor is our relationship retreat. Get closer to nature as you get closer to one another in this luxurious lake-front estate that offers all the serenity and quiet you could hope for in a camp-like setting. Relax on the lakeside deck, or snuggle up next to the fireplace.

Enjoy an after-dinner stroll. With the evergreen pines and the tranquil lake, it’s the perfect place for a couples retreat so you can get away from it all and work on your relationship.

All-inclusive Package Price:

  • Standard: $2,800 per couple
  • Deluxe: $3,000 per couple

**Deluxe Marriage Retreat Packages include accommodation upgrades, such as a Master Suite with view (limited to availability).

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Rekindle your Marriage in Roseville with Happily Ever After Counseling and Coaching through Retreats

Located in Roseville, Happily Ever After Counseling and Coaching provides counseling services and offers retreats to married and unmarried couples in Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Granite Bay, Folsom, Newcastle, Loomis, Penryn, Citrus Heights, Orangevale and the greater Sacramento area.

Why Choose Happily Ever After?

  • 14+ years of professional counseling experience.
  • Accomplished coaching instructor and author.
  • Specialized training in Brief Strategic Therapy as a counselor and a trainer.
  • I am passionate about my counseling work.
  • I am dedicated to helping my clients achieve their goals.
  • High success rate.


What You Should Expect

I believe strongly that the process of marriage, family, and individual counseling and coaching should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Each stage in the counseling process should be purposeful, measurable, and geared toward achieving your goals.

As much as we all desire a one-size-fits-all counseling solution, such a thing does not exist. Our 10-session marriage, family, and individual counseling package is provided in our Roseville office, and has proven to be optimal for the needs of most counseling clients who are dedicated to actively participating in the process. There are some clients who come to our Roseville office that require less, and some require more counseling sessions based on their individual needs or desire to work on new goals. Call for your free consultation to discuss your counseling needs and how I can help you regain your “happily ever after.” From our office in Roseville, Mr. Talal H. Alsaleem, LMFT provides counseling and coaching services to individual, couples, and families looking for someone to help them identify and address their issues so they can get back to living and enjoying life. We are located in Roseville and serve clients in Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Granite Bay, Folsom, Newcastle, Loomis, Penryn, Citrus Heights, Orangevale and the greater Sacramento area.

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